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Where Performance Meets Curb Appeal.

Weatherproofing & Waterproofing with Thermal Coatings

Our thermal coatings and nano ceramic paints are manufactured to protect your investments, from the floors to the roof system. We even protect the facades, interior and exterior! Our new pool deck coating keeps the concrete deck in the pool and patio area cooler than any other deck coating.
We also have specialized coatings for food areas, health / medical areas, and school areas.

Coming March 2023

 ProGrip by PolyRoof  provides a non-slip surface coating perfect for garage floors, sidewalks, driveways, stairs, balconies, decks, porches, warehouse floors, retail entry areas, and interior floors.

Available in assorted colors:ProGrip Non-Slip Surface Coating available in assorted colors.Contact us today to discuss your project(s)!

Flat Roof & Sloped Roof Systems

Our commercial and residential roof systems protect homes and commercial structures. They save the owner and occupants money on installation, maintenance, and through energy cost savings. Our sloped roof system is hail-proof and rated for category 3 winds! It is practically indestructible, and comes with a 40-year warranty.
Our flat roof system outperforms other flat roof systems and has many benefits and features above and beyond the popular flat roofs on the market today. 

Training & Support

Parrot Building Products does not just accept your payment then send you on your way with your new product. We want our products to look great, perform at their peak, and for you to have a successful application or installation.
That is why we offer training and support on all our products and systems. We offer in-person classroom, webinar, and onsite training. Support is as simple as a phone call, email, or WhatsApp chat. Our flat roof system even receives onsite project management assistance. Of course, all of our coatings and roof systems receive logistics, scheduling, and onsite support (when requested, or as needed).

Our Mission...

To provide cost-effective building products that are manufactured to perform well in the Texas climate and provide unmatched protection and benefits for structures and their owners and occupants while ensuring the products are applied/installed properly through project management services, support, and training to architects, builders, and contractors who choose our products.

Let’s work together on your
next new construction or renovation project

Contact us to schedule a demonstration and consultation to determine which of our products best suit your construction  project. 
We look forward to sitting down with your team and assisting with material lists, scheduling, project management, specialized training, etc.