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Cork Coatings


Our cork coatings do more than simply transform the look
of your property. It also offers unparalleled protection
and insulation.

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Spain, our coating systems undergo rigorous testing and quality-control measures before finding their way to North America. With 17 years of research, testing, and results, our thermal coating systems are proven to offer unmatched performance in any location. With our systems, you’re fully covered.

Each product we offer is eco-friendly with low VOCs and CO2 reduction properties. They are also designed to withstand many different climates, from extreme heat to extreme cold, to coastal climates


Our spray cork system can reduce energy costs by up to 30%, so you pay less for heating or cooling your property.

Have your energy bills been spiking? Are you tired of paying more and more each month? Are you stressed every time you receive a new bill?

You’re not alone. Countless home and property owners have been experiencing alarming spikes in their energy bills.

But with our cork coating, you can worry less. By insulating your walls, you’ll spend less on your energy costs and can save up to 30% each month. Plus, our cork coating provides a seamless finish, so you can completely transform your property and save money.


Thermal Insulation


Protects the exterior envelope and can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 35%

Noise Reduction


Reduce outside noise, so you can sleep better and work without outside distractions.

UV Resistant


Our cork coatings fade 4X slower than average paints, so your color remains stable.



Cork reduces CO2 emissions and removes greenhouse gases from the air. Plus, only the bark is used to make our coating.



Cork repels water, while also maintaining a high degree of breathability. This prevents mold, rot, and algae.



Our cork coatings has an elasticity of up to 300% and cover cracks up to 2 mm thick. Designed to stretch with the natural shifting of your property, our formulas prevent cracking


Made from natural cork vaporized particles, including additives that make our formula waterproof, breathable, and elastic.
Our coating is composed of dead cells that are full of an air-like gas. This gas represents almost 90% of cork which makes it light and compact.

The walls of these cells, which are like tiny, watertight compartments, are mainly made up of suberin and other substances that make it fire retardant, very flexible, and practically rot-proof.

ReveCork is also a highly efficient seamless coating and offers unmatched protection in rain, wind, air, extreme temperatures, and sunlight.

And you get all these benefits at a competitive cost!


Our cork coatings are designated for multiple types of applications, offering protection for almost ANY surface.

A wood siding home with Revecork thermal coating applied

Wood siding, including LP Smart Siding

Wood siding is vulnerable to weather extremes. Our coating protects while insulating

Metal Buildings

Perfect for shops and barns, our coating will thermal insulate metal walls and reduce noise transmission.

Cork coating on metal shop
Cork coating on sloped or flat roofs

Sloped or Flat Roofs

Dampen noise and extend the lifespan of your sloped or flat roof. Plus add a layer of thermal protection.


Transform your old, cracked garage or interior floor while getting unmatched protection.

Cork Floor Coating
Revecork Pool Coating

Pool Decks

Make your pool look new again and protect against chlorine and salt damage with our anti-slip coating.


Our MicroCork coating provides a non-slip surface, making it the perfect solution for offices, gyms, pools, and more!

Made from cork, our floor coating is environmentally friendly. It offers thermal and acoustic insulation while providing a seamless finish that’s resistant to algae, fungi, mold, and bacteria.

With an elasticity of 500%, our MicroCork coating both repairs and prevents future cracking. Designed to withstand all elements, MicroCork is your solution to a long-lasting, eco-friendly, and multi-use floor coating.


Transform your floor with our proprietary coating that’ll look great for many years to come!
Ideal for both exterior and interior applications, MicroCork is the only coating on the market that protects against saltpeter, making it extremely beneficial in coastal environments that experience sea breezes (or for protection in saltwater pools!).

And because only the bark of the cork tree is used to manufacture our coating, it’s a 100% renewable and eco-responsible resource. Plus, cork reduces CO2 emissions in the air!

MicroCork is competitively priced and can be used in a wide range of other applications, including roofs and exterior or interior walls.

More importantly, it can also help reduce energy costs by up to 20%. So you can save money while getting a floor that looks brand new!