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Hello, Poly….ester!

Parrot Building Products for thermal coatings, nano paints,  sloped roof systems, and flat roof systems

Our commercial flat roof system exceeds the capabilities of any of the other flat roof systems available on the market. The versatility of our Polyroof systems means that no matter how complex the roof is, Polyroof is able to provide a waterproofing solution that is guaranteed to last.


No matter the size, shape, or complexity of a roof, Polyroof’s liquid systems will form a
seamless waterproof membrane across the entire roof area. The finished surface is tough,
flexible, and impervious to water. With proven lifespans in excess of 25 years, Polyroof
systems are the number one choice for all flat roof and balcony applications.


  • A highly flexible yet tough membrane that is ideal for any size or shaped roof
  • Rapidcure technology for fast, disruption-free installations
  • No joints, no seams, no welds – no weak points
  • Applied to a wide range of surfaces including existing
  • roof coverings and direct-to-approved insulation boards
  • Cold applied – no flames, no hot works, no fire risk
  • Tough and impact-resistant finish that can easily accommodate foot traffic
  • Key accreditations including BBA, FM, and ETA


  • Overlays and full refurbishments
  • New build developments
  • All types of roofs – from completely flat to vertical
  • Unique warm roof solutions with high
  • performance insulation
  • Balconies, terraces, and walkways
  • Green roofs and biodiverse roofs
  • Simulated metal finishes