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Parrot brings energy-saving, cost-effective building products to Texas

Parrot Thermal Coatings and Roof Systems - Sales and Distribution

There are new building products now available in Texas and Parrot Thermal Coatings & Roof Systems is your source for them. Parrot’s mission is to supply high-quality products with top-notch sales support and training for construction companies and contractors who want to offer our products to their customers.

Parrot’s thermal coatings offer superior waterproofing and protection from mold and mildew, as well as saltpeter protection for our coastal clients. However, our products go beyond waterproofing. Our coatings provide UV protection, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation. Its elasticity allows it to stretch and move with the structure without cracking or peeling, and its color stays true longer than paint.

Parrot supplies roof systems for both sloped roof and flat roof applications. Our Nano Tile Roof system by EcoRoof Products provides the ultimate protection for sloped roofs with interlocking panels that are practically indestructible. This roof system is hail-proof, watertight, and is rated to withstand category 3 hurricane-force winds. The panels resist mildew and are self-cleaning with every rain event. Because of UV protection and nanotechnology, these roofs will noticeably make a difference by reducing solar thermal effects on homes and businesses. Our featured flat roof solution for large commercial applications (new roof and reroof) is Protec by Polyroof Products.

For more information on our products, or to learn more about our builder and contractor programs, please contact us today at (346) 332-3076 or

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